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“The works Christ should be done by believers when they have learned how to operate like Jesus did while He was in the flesh body.”Richard Belcher"

I personally believe, brother, that herein lies the problem. We have not been taught to die to our will as Jesus died to His will for the Father. We use God's word to say what we want it to say, our flesh struggles to maintain control of our emotions so our will is not Father's.
With this huge revelation of truth one must go back to the example of the life Jesus exemplified to us. We must learn how to see what the Father is doing and saying, to enter the flow of the Holy Spirit, and to stop asking the Holy Spirit to bless what we are saying and doing and asking him to be our servant. The greater works are to hear and do what the Father is saying and doing. What a fresh look at the truth!

JL Zini

Richard: Remarkable truths spelled out in simple understanding. Thank you for helping me to see my God in new light. I will be listening more closely to the Word and act on what I hear rather than what I read. Thank you, Brother for the enlightment. These Words need to get out there, how do we accomplish this????

Judith wilkinson

A great word of correction and understanding. Thank you


In Philippians 2:5-8; he “emptied himself” of his havleney glory and spirit nature and “took a slave’s form” in submitting to the transferal of his life to the earthly, material, human plane. The assignment before him represented a tremendous responsibility; so very much was involved. By remaining faithful he would prove false Satan’s claim, recorded in the case of Job, that under privation, suffering, and test, God’s servants would deny Him. (Job 1:6-12; 2:2-6) As the firstborn Son, Jesus, of all God’s creatures, could give the most conclusive answer to that charge and the finest evidence in favor of his Father’s side in the larger issue of the rightfulness of Jehovah’s universal sovereignty. Thereby he would prove to be “the Amen .a0.a0.a0, the faithful and true witness.” (Re 3:14) If he failed, he would reproach his Father’s name as none other could.In selecting his only-begotten Son, Jehovah, of course, was not ‘laying his hands hastily upon him,’ with the risk of being ‘a sharer in possible sins,’ for Jesus was no novice likely to get “puffed up with pride and fall into the judgment passed upon the Devil.” (Compare 1Ti 5:22; 3:6.) Jehovah ‘fully knew’ his Son from his intimate association with him during countless ages past (Mt 11:27) and could therefore assign him to fulfill the unerring prophecies of His Word.

richard w belcher

Great response Malika ... except for the comment "of all God's creatures" since the WORD MADE FLESH was not a creature, but was IMMANUEL.

Juliano revisionism does not warrant much comment.

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